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Air-o-Lator 1/2 HP Legacy Fountain ideal for Small Ponds

Kasco Pond Surface Aerator Fountains:

Air-O-Lator floating fountains are high quality fountains that combine aeration and decorative looks. Their water cooled motors are virtually maintenance free and provide years of operation! All fountains listed below come standard with a timer, control box, propeller guard and power cord.
AirOLator Legacy Fountain

High Spray Umbrella Nozzle
9' x 16' Spray

AirOLator Legacy Fountain

Standard Umbrella Nozzle
4' x 12' Spray

AirOLator Legacy Fountain

High Spray Two Tier Nozzle
9' x 16' Spray

AirOLator Legacy Fountain

Standard Two Tier Nozzle
9' x 11' Spray

  • Model: LEG50
  • The legacy fountain is 1/2 HP and capable of four separate spray patterns included. Ideally suited for small ponds and recreational areas desiring decorative looks.
  • Rotationally molded float measures only 24" x 24" x 3" thick. Float is filled with expanded polystyrene foam.
  • A flow reduction disk is included which can be inserted in the nozzle to cut the normal spray pattern dimensions in half. Ideal for "dimensionally challenged" small ponds.
  • Powered by a 115v Franklin Super Stainless 1/2 HP water cooled motor, contains no oil.
  • Includes parts needed to make all four displays shown
  • Ships complete in one box - ideal for do-it-yourselfers.
  • Package includes 1/2 HP fountains, float, timer, GFI, nozzles and 50' power cord
  • Free ground shipping to USA Mainland Only
  • Fountain will ship with in 7-10 days after order is placed
  • Price: $2,315.69
  • Instock: Yes
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