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Anjon Eco-Drive Big Frog Pond and Waterfall Pumps

The full range of Big Frog Eco-Drive™, from 3000 to 6500 GPH, are ideal for professional water features as well as small outdoor ponds, fountains and waterfalls. Anjon's Big Frog Eco-Drive pumps are extremely energy efficient, pass 1/4" solids and have less than a 1% failure rate! They have the highest head heights in their class of variable speed pumps.

Anjon Big Frog Pump Eco Drive

Big Frog ECO-DRIVE Pump Features:

  • Energy Efficient
  • High quality seals for long and efficient pump life
  • Ideal for Professional use as well for small pond, fountains and waterfalls
  • Ability to pass solids up to 1/4" in diameter because of the vortex impeller for tough-torque flow
  • Less than 1% failure rate
  • 2-Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Use the variable speed pump controller as seen at the bottom of this page to easily turn up or dial back the waterflow of the Big Frog Pump

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Anjon Big Frog Pump Chart

Big Frog 3,300 GPH Pump

  • Model: BFED3000
  • 3,300 GPH @ Zero Head
  • 20' Max Head
  • Max 300 Watts
  • 2" Outlet
  • 20' Power Cord
Price: $280.50
Instock: Yes
free shipping

Big Frog 4,600 GPH Pump

  • Model: BFED4200
  • 4,600 GPH @ Zero Head
  • 28' Max Head
  • Max 460 Watts
  • 2" Outlet
  • 20' Power Cord
Price: $318.75
Instock: Yes
free shipping

Big Frog 5,500 GPH Pump

  • Model: BFED5500
  • 5,500 GPH @ Zero Head
  • 32' Max Head
  • Max 540 Watts
  • 2" Outlet
  • 20' Power Cord
Price: $357.00
Instock: No
free shipping

Big Frog 6,500 GPH Pump

  • Model: BFED6500
  • 6,500 GPH @ Zero Head
  • 32' Max Head
  • Max 600 Watts
  • 2" Outlet
  • 20' Power Cord
Price: $416.50
Instock: Yes
free shipping

Adjustable Pond Pump Flow Controller

Anjon Adjustable Pump Flow Controller

VAC15A Variable Speed Pump Controller 15 Amp

  • Optimize filtration performance and minimize energy use.
  • Reduce flow rate when maximum circulation is not required at night or when traveling.
  • Increase volume for a lively pond-side party or decrease volume to achieve gentle flowing water for quite reflective times.
  • Regulate flow through UV clarifiers, fountains, bubbling boulders.
  • Eliminate ball valves and gate valves used to restrict flow.
  • The variable speed controller can save up to 60% of your pumps energy consumption.
  • Easy to install just plug the pump into the bottom of the controller an plug the controller into a GFI outlet.
  • Use with Anjon Big Frog, Flood or Monsoon Waterfall Pumps only
  • Price: $56.95
  • Instock: Yes
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