Fountain Pump and Supply

Atlantic Oasis Series PV1700 Pump Vault

Why do I need a Pump Vault? Pump Vaults are a must when creating a Pond-Free or Pondless waterfall system. The pump vault allows the waterfall pump to be submerged with out the worry of debris or small rock clogging the pump.

Atlantic Oasis Pond Free PV1700 Pump Vault

Atlantic Oasis PV1700 Pump Vault Features:

  • Model: PV1700
  • Inset lid keeps gravel from falling into the vault
  • Pump discharge step fittings for 1½" & 2" pipe provided on both sides of the vault
  • Flat front panel installs tight against the Atlantic Eco-Blox for a compact basin
  • Recessed pockets accept Triton 3-Way Diverter for use with the New Atlantic Eco-Rise
  • Flat panel for 1½" pipe for use with the New Eco-Rise
  • Dimensions: 17"W x 12"D x 22½"H
  • Max Pump Flow: 3,900 GPH
  • Opening 10"
  • Application: Pond Free
  • Price: $192.99
  • Instock: Yes
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