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Atlantic Big Bahama Pro Series Waterfall FilterFalls

Atlantic Big Bahama Pro Series FilterFalls deliver the performance you demand and the peace of mind you deserve. In addition to massive construction and top quality components, their innovative design allow for complete customization with three types of filter media and a bottom chamber that accepts bulkheads on all sides. Total flexibility, add-in filtration and Atlantic's Lifetime Warranty equal years of trouble-free service.

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Atlantic Filterfalls

Features and Benefits: of Biological Waterfall Filters

  • 1. Heavy-duty removable top grate allows natural rock camouflage
  • 2. Support bars add stability and reinforce top grate
  • 3. Media bag and Bio-Tech media provide max surface area for development of beneficial bacteria (media sold separately)
  • 4. Dual Bio-Tech filter mats for exception biological filtration
  • 5. Sturdy bottom grate supports filter media
  • 6. NEW rolled upper rim provides clean lines and incredible strength. (Models 1900, 2600, 3800)
  • 7. 2" or 3" heavy-duty FIPT bulkhead for high flow rates
  • 8. Bottom chamber will accept bulkhead on all sides while bottom cones reduce surface area for more efficient back flushing
  • 9. One-piece liner flange allows easy, leak-free attachment of FilterFalls to pond liner
  • 10. Solid lip and molded-in inserts ensure a watertight liner attachment every time

Atlantic Pro FilterFalls 19"

Atlantic Professional Series Big Bahama FilterFalls 19 inch Spillway
Price: $359.99
Instock: Yes
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Atlantic Pro FilterFalls 26"

Atlantic Professional Series Pond FilterFalls 26 inch Spillway
Price: $437.99
Instock: Yes

Atlantic Pro FilterFalls 38"

Atlantic Professional Series Pond FilterFalls 38 inch Spillway
Price: $696.99
Instock: Yes
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