Fountain Pump and Supply

Atlantic Triton Check Valves

Model: TR215CV

Atlantic Triton 2in Check Valve

Molded "perfect-cut" dimensions to identify proper lengths for Atlantic products an cut-to-fit 1" increments on the reverse side, Works with all 1½" and 2" pump outlets, Maximum assembles height of 17" (from the pump discharge to the center of the outlet pipe), Can be extended to any length using 2" Sch 40 fittings

  • Model: TR215CV
  • Valve Dimensions: 5⅝"L x 3½" x 10"H
  • Inlet: 2" socket
  • Outlet 1½" or 2" Sch 40 pipe
  • Pipe Dimensions: 11⅞"L x 2⅝"w
  • Inlet 1½" or 2" MIPT
  • Outlet: 2" Sch 40 pipe
  • Includes: 2" check valve with unions, 1½" outlet fitting, and discharge pipe
Price: $65.99
Instock: Yes
free shipping

Model: AWGCV30

Atlantic Triton 3in Check Valve

Atlantic AWGCV30 features a full flow 3" 'swing style' check valve with an offset valve body, 90° elbow and a 3" rubber coupling on the outlet. A 3" pump discharge pipe (not included) can be extended to any length using 3" PVC.

  • Model: AWGCV30
  • Valve Dimensions: 11½"L x 5½"W x 13½"H
  • Inlet: 3" socket
  • Outlet: 3" rubber coupling
Price: $142.99
Instock: Yes
free shipping
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