Atlantic Big Bahama Pro Series Eco-Blox

Atlantic Eco-Blox Atlantic Eco-Blox

Atlantic's redesigned Eco-Blox water matrix provides the same amount of water storage, with improved strength and durability. The new, triangle-shaped openings allow for greater water mobility throughout while still preventing solids from slipping through. In addition, the H-beams crisscrossing each of the eight panels that make up each Eco-Blox provide increased comprehensive an point-load strength to make your basin last a life time!

Each Eco-Blox water matrix allows for 31 gallons of water storage A reservoir filled with Eco-Blox holds three times as much water than one backfilled with gravel, so you can dig one-third the hole, move one-third the soil, and forget about the cost and effort of all that gravel.


Model: ECO-BLOX Eco-Blox Example:
  • Dimensions: 27½"L x 16"W x 17½"H
  • Capaciy: 31½" Gallons
  • Application: Pond Free / Fountain / Rain Harvesting
  • Full pallets of 60 Units Available. Please call us for pricing.
  • Sold only in Packs of 2
  • Price per Eco-Blox: $43.75
  • Price: $101.98
Atlantic Eco-Blox


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