Axiom Professional Series Pond Skimmers

Atlantic Professional Pond Skimmer Heavy Duty
  • Front to back design - with the pump sitting behind the debris net instead of along side it
  • Adjustable overflow allows finished pond level to be adjusted
  • One piece aluminum framed debris net makes cleaning quick and easy
  • PSA5000 and PSA7000 come with dual 2" factory installed spinweld fittings (bulkheads) allowing for one or two pump installations
  • PSA9000 and PSA11000 come with two 2" and one 3" factory installed spinwelds allowing for two smaller or one larger pump
  • PSA5000/7000/9000 are compatible with the SETS2 extension tube
  • The PS1UV option works with PSA5000 only
  • Adding the UV option will cap the flow rate at 3600 GPH
  • PS1 molded faux rock lid can be used on PSA5000/7000
Part# Description Size (L x W x H) Water Inlet Price  
PSA5000 5000 GPH Axiom Skimmer 29" x 19" x 21" 6" $311.83
PSA7000 7000 GPH Axiom Skimmer 29" x 19" x 21" 8" $319.83
PSA9000 9000 GPH Axiom Skimmer 33" x 19" x 23" 8" $391.83
PSA11000 11000 GPH Axiom Skimmer 33" x 19" x 23" 10" $407.99
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