EasyPro Bottom Drains for Ponds

Benefits of installing an EasyPro Bottom Drain
Adding a bottom drain is a great way to remove solids and prevent stratification, especially in ponds over 3' deep. EasyPro bottom drains are easy to install and come complete with everything needed to make a water tight penetration through the liner. The built in air diffuser models provide the ultimate in self cleaning action. When the air bubbles rise, the dirty water is pulled towards the bottom drain.

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EasyPro 3" Bottom Drain Model: BD1 Model: BDA Product Description
EasyPro Bottom Drain BDA Model

    EasyPro 3" Bottom Drain

  • Price: $77.43

    EasyPro 3" Bottom Drain with Air Diffuser

  • Price: $119.67
  • Available with (BDA) or without (BD1) air diffuser in lid, using air increases circulation and cleaning capacity
  • Dual rubber gaskets and six stainless screws for water tight penetration through liner
  • For use with 3" schedule 40 PVC fittings and pipe
  • DBA ha 1/2" barbed inlet fitting, recommended air flow through diffuser is .5 - 1.5 cfm


EasyPro 4" Bottom Drains
EasyPro Bottom Drain EBD4 Model
EasyPro Bottom Drain EBD4A Model
The EasyPro 4" EBD4 and EBD4A Features:
  • The popular EBD bottom drain has been redesigned for 2011, and is now available with or without air diffuser
  • Welded FPT threaded inlet eliminates the need for rubber coupling
  • Threaded center stand pipe securely attaches dome lid to base
  • Sixteen stainless screws securely attach liner ring to base with water tight seal
  • Heavy duty, roto-molded design offers superior strength
  • EBD4A incorporates an air diffuser into the dome lid - incoming air is delivered up through the center stand pipe allowing air tubing to be installed under liner
  • EBD4A tubing adapter is 1/2", recommended air flow though diffuser is .5 -1.5 cfm

  • For use with 4" schedule 40 PVC fittings and pipe, use 4" male adapter (MA40) to connect to 4" pipe, use reducing male adapter (RMA4030) to connect to 3" pipe
Model: EBD4 Model: EBD4A Model: RMA4030

    4" Heavy Duty Bottom Drain

  • Price: $135.99

    4" Bottom Drain with Air Diffuser

  • Price: $175.99

    4" Threaded x 3" Slip PVC Adapter

  • Price: $12.89


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