Carry Pond Pump Intake Screen - Use to Prevent Sticks, Weeds, Fish from Plugging Pump

Carry Pump Intake Screen

Carry Pump Intake Screens:

  • Heavy duty screens are designed to be used with pumps to prevent sticks, weeds, fish, etc. from plugging pump.
  • Made from SDR35 PVC and high density polyethylene top and bottom plates, screen portion is perforated with 1/2" holes.
Carry Pond Pump Intake Screens
  • Part # CSPA
  • Intake Screen for 1/2, 3/4 or 1 HP Pumps
  • Price: $432.59
  • Part # CSPB
  • Intake Screen for 2, 3 HP Pumps
  • Price: $370.79
  • Part # CSPC
  • Intake Screen for 5, 7½", 10 HP Pumps
  • Price: $544.09
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