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EasyPro Membrane Air Diffusers and Tubular Air Diffusers

EasyPro Membrane Air Diffusers

EasyPro Membrane Diffusers MD3

EasyPro Membrane Diffuser MD3 Replacement Membrane 10.5" Diameter

  • Part# MD3
  • A great alternative to air stones in many aeration applications
  • Hundreds of "I" slots that open as air pressure builds inside of the diffuser
  • Center of the membrane does not have slots and acts as a check valve when air flow stops
  • Diffusers have a 3/4" male thread inlet and are 10½" in diameter
  • Heavy duty membrane will last for years
  • Uniform bubble distribution with up to 3 CFM air flow
Price: $42.83
Instock: Yes
free shipping

EasyPro Tubular Air Diffusers

EasyPro Tubular Diffuser TMD24 Replacement 24" Tubular Diffuser

  • Part# TMD24
  • Tubular membrane diffusers are 24" long, 2½" in diameter and have over 8000 bubble producing slots
  • Self weighted - unique open ended design allows diffuser to be self weighted
  • Incredibly durable - will provide years of service
  • 3/4" female threaded connection, built-in check valve
Price: $58.56
Instock: Yes
free shipping
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