EasyPro Rock and Waterfall Cleaner

EasyPro Rock & Waterfall Cleaner
easypro rock and waterfall cleaner

EasyPro Rock and Waterfall Cleaner - Available in Dry or Liquid Formula

  • Commercial strength oxy-based cleaning
  • Quickly and effectively clean rocks, waterfalls, water features, fountains, statues, plant pots, etc.
  • Lifts debris to pond surface where it can be removed by net or skimmer
  • Simply add into area with most active water movement for best mixing
Size Item # Initial Dosage: Treats Price In Stock Order
32 oz OXYL32 - Liquid Formula 1 fl oz per 300 gallons 9600 gallons $14.39 Yes
2 Lbs OXY2 - Dry Formula 1 lb per 300 - 400 sq ft 600 - 800 sq ft $13.19 Yes
8 Lbs OXY8 - Dry Formula 1 lb per 300 - 400 sq ft 2400 - 3200 sq ft $35.99 Yes


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