EasyPro Pond Water Treatment Kit

Pond Treatment Kit
easypro pond water treatment kit

Pond Water Treatment kit - Treats 1000 gallon pond up to 4 months

These kits are designed to provide a pond owner with safe and effective water treatments to help take care of their pond. Kits include liquid All Season Bacteria, Sludge Remover bacteria (dry), Water Conditioner, Rock and Waterfall Cleaner and easy to follow dosage instructions to help keep ponds clean.

  • Complete packages of water treatments for season long care
  • Promotes clear water, lifts debris from streams and pond bottom, conditions tap water and reduces organic buildup.
  • Includes 32 fl oz All Season Bacteria, 4 pounds Rock and Waterfall Cleaner, 32 fl oz Water Conditioner, (16) one ounce Sludge Remover Bacteria Packets and application instructions.
  • Price: $63.99
  • In stock: Yes
Size Item # Initial Dosage: Treats Price In Stock Order
32 oz OXYL32 - Liquid Formula 1 fl oz per 300 gallons 9600 gallons $14.39 Yes
2 Lbs OXY2 - Dry Formula 1 lb per 300 - 400 sq ft 600 - 800 sq ft $13.19 Yes
8 Lbs OXY8 - Dry Formula 1 lb per 300 - 400 sq ft 2400 - 3200 sq ft $35.99 Yes


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