PondSeal - Seals leaks without draining the pond

PondSeal 50Lbs Bag
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PondSeal™ is a revolutionary way to seal leaking ponds, dikes, dams and spillways

  • Sodium bentonite clay bonded to limestone aggregate creates a small rock-like "nugget" that sinks directly to pond bottom
  • Seals leaks without draining the pond
  • Clay particles swell when wet, creatins a solid layer of leak protection.
  • Great for sealing around intake pipes, muskrat holes, cuts and tears in liners
  • Eco-friendly - all earthen ingredients, will not alter water chemistry
  • Coverage Rates: Apply at five pounds per square foot for 3/4" thick coverage or ten pounds per square foot for 1-1/2" thick coverage
  • Price: $67.89

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