Fountain Pump and Supply

Benefits of using EasyPro Res-Cubes:

Reduce rock tonnage. The reservoir can be made smaller because of the increased water percentage due to less rock being used. Increase reservoir water capacity from 40% with rock to 90% + with Res-Cubes. Installation time is reduced considerably, smaller reservoir hole means less digging, less liner and less labor.

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EasyPro Res Cubes Reservoir Cubes

Standard Res-Cube Features:

  • Part # : JAFRC
  • A great way to simplify installation of Just-A-Falls, formal fountains and other basins typically using a large quantity of rock
  • Sturdy plastic cubes can be stacked together to partially or totally fill a reservoir
  • Dramatically reduces the labor involved, reservoir size and material cost
  • Not sold individually, only sold in pairs
  • Dimensions: 19"L x 13"W x 11"H
  • Gallons Each: 11½"
  • Price: $44.80
  • Instock: Yes
EasyPro Res Cubes Reservoir Cubes

It's common knowledge that a reservoir has to be built large enough to hold adequate water for the size feature you are building. On large projects the reservoir can get very large. making a natural looking stone bottom can be a challenge.

EasyPro designers often oversize the liner on the reservoir allowing you to wrap liner over the top of the cubes and greatly reduce the size of visible stone area (see the illustration at left).
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