EasyPro Underwater Lighting Replacement Bulbs and Parts

EasyPro Replacement Bulbs and Parts for EasyPro Underwater Lighting
Image Part# Description / Watts Fits Price  
easypro replacement halogen bulb 10 watt MRLB Halogen Bulb - 10w MRL10 $10.49
easypro replacement halogen bulb 20 watt SLKB20 Halogen Bulb - 20w EPL20, RL20, EPSL $10.99
SLKB35 Halogen Bulb - 35w EPL20, RL20, EPSL $11.59
SLKB50 Halogen Bulb - 50w EPL20, EPSL $11.99
easypro replacement halogen bulb 75 watt EPL75B Halogen Bulb - 75w EPL75 $12.59
easypro replacement led bulb 1.3 watt LED11w LED Bulb - 1.8w MRL10 $24.99
LED16W LED Bulb - 3.6w EPL20, RL20, EPSL $26.19
easypro replacement halogen bulb 10 watt LED6B Warm White LED Bulb 6 Watts EPL20, EPSL $46.79
easypro o-ring gasket EPL20"O" O-Ring Gasket EPL20/RL20 $9.29
MRL10"O" O-Ring Gasket MRL10 $8.79
EPL75"O" O-Ring Gasket EPL75 $14.59
EPSL"O" O-Ring Gasket EPSL $10.29
easypro clear replacement lens EPL20L Clear Replacement Lens EPL20/RL20 $12.39
MRL10L Clear Replacement Lens MRL10L $11.29
EPL75L Clear Replacement Lens EPL75L $26.99
EPSLL Clear Replacement Lens EPSL $13.69
EPL20RC Retainer Cap for Lens EPL20 $8.79


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