EasyPro Eco Series Waterfall Filters

EasyPro Prelude Waterfall Filter EasyPro Sonata Waterfall Filter EasyPro Melody Waterfall Filter EasyPro Symphony Waterfall Filter
EasyPro Prelude Waterfall Filter
  • Part# WF10E
  • Max. Flow Rate: 30gpm/1800gph
  • Dimensions: 20"L x 17"W x 14"H
  • Pond Size: 1000 gallons
  • Inlet: 1 1/4"
  • Waterfall Opening: 13"
  • $101.99
  • Free Shipping
EasyPro Sonota Waterfall Filter
  • Part# WF18E
  • Max. Flow Rate: 50gpm/3000gph
  • Dimensions: 22"L x 25"W x 21"H
  • Pond Size: 1800 gallons
  • Inlet: 1 1/2"
  • Waterfall Opening: 18"
  • $212.49
  • Free Shipping
EasyPro Melody Waterfall Filter
  • Part# WF29E
  • Max. Flow Rate: 70gpm/4200gph
  • Dimensions: 24"L x 25"W x 24"H
  • Pond Size: 3000 gallons
  • Inlet: 2"
  • Waterfall Opening: 17"
  • $288.99
  • Free Shipping
EasyPro Symphony Waterfall Filter
  • Part# WF60E
  • Max. Flow Rate: 150gpm/9000gph
  • Dimensions: 37"L x 29"W x 34"H
  • Pond Size: 6000 gallons
  • Inlet: 2" (Dual)
  • Waterfall Opening: 34"
  • $467.49
  • Free Shipping

Features and Benefits from the EasyPro Eco Series Waterfall Filters

  • Patented "Spliner Lock" system attaches liner securely and easily - no bolts, no silicone - no puncturing the liner.
  • Inlet bulk head fittings are pre-installed
  • Biological filter media is included
  • Easy, tool-free liner attachment
  • An excellent choice for the "do it yourselfer" with an easy, user friendly installation process


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