EasyPro Eco Series Pond Free Fountain Basins and Half Basins

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EasyPro Fountain Basins Eco-Series

Low Cost Fountain Basins:

  • Ideal for use with light weight resin type statuary pieces
  • Clear span grating - no legs for easy pump installation and removal
  • 100 pound load rating
  • 40" and 48" sizes available
Part# Description Capacity Price  
FBL40 40" basin with bench grating 30 gallons $339.99
FBL48 48" basin with bench grating 46 gallons $359.99
EasyPro Fountain Basins Eco-Series

Heavy Duty Fountain Basins:

  • Molded support grates have multiple legs for increased load capacity
  • Ideal for use with concrete statuary, vases, rocks and fountains
  • Available in four sizes - 28", 40", 48" and 58"
  • Four access doors (on 40" and larger) allow for mutiple pumps, and auto-fill, underwater lights or can be used as plant pockets
  • Roto-molded for superior strengh
Part# Description Capacity Price  
FB28E 28" basin w/ molded stand 19 gallons $174.29
FB40E 40" basin w/ molded stand 30 gallons $425.99
FB48E 48" basin w/ molded stand 46 gallons $449.99
FB58E 58" basin w/ molded stand 65 gallons $518.74


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