EasyPro Odyssey Pond Muck Vacuum and Additional 10' Hose

EasyPro Odyssey Pond Muck Vacuum
EasyPro Odyssey Muck Vac

EasyPro Odyssey Pond Muck Vacuum - Model: OMV

  • Uses water pressure from a standard hose to create a vacuum which removes silt and debris
  • Waste water is vacuumed up the telescoping handle and discharged out through the 10' flexible discharge hose
  • Waste water can be collected in a bucket or discharged onto the ground
  • Requires 50 psi water pressure for maximum operation (standard household pressure)
  • Included: muck vac head, telescoping handle (extends to 6'), vacuum head with brush and 10' discharge hose (additional hose available)
  • No Longer Available
  • Please See EasyPro Matala Pond Vacuum


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