EasyPro Statuary Fountain Splitters

EasyPro SS4 Statuary Splitter EasyPro SS10 Statuary Splitter EasyPro TWS3 Statuary Splitter
EasyPro ss4 statuary splitter
  • Part# SS4
  • ¾" threads on main body, ½" male threads on valved outlets
  • Can be connected end to end to make 8, 12, 16 etc. manifolds
  • Can handle up to 1200 GPH flow, high flows use 1" splitter
  • Can be used with water or air pumps
  • Price: $39.99
Specialty fittings for SS4 EasyPro statuary tubing
1/2'' fpt x 3/8'' barb Model: SS41238 $1.99
1/2'' fpt x 1/2'' barb Model: SS41212 Error: Data not available (103)
1/2'' fpt x 3/4'' barb Model: SS41234 $3.29
EasyPro ss10 statuary splitter
  • Part# SS10
  • This is a larger version of the SS4 splitter, for use in larger air and water pumps
  • 1" threads on main body with ¾" female threaded outlets on valves
  • Use with standard nylon male adapters
  • Price: $34.69
EasyPro statuary splitter
  • Part# TWS3
  • ½" and ¾" stepped barb fittings on inlet and outlet
  • Individual flow control valve on each line

  • Price: $13.89
  • Data not available (103)

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