EasyPro WeatherProof Cabinets for Linear Air Compressors

Protect your Expensive Pond Aeratior Linear Air Compressor
EasyPro Weatherproof Cabinet

These Weatherproof Cabinets Feature:

This roto-molded polyethylene cabinet is an economical alternative to using a steel cabinet. Designed to hold air compressors up to the RV33 (1/4 HP Rotary Vane) in size. The small foot print makes it easy to hide.

  • Ideal for housing all linear compressors, DC22 (PA10), DC12 (PA12), ERP25 (PA34), ERP50 (PA66) and RV33 (PA50)
  • Roto-molded in a tan color which blends into existing landscape well
  • Built in louver allows fresh air into cabinet, an optional cooling fan is recommended for large compressors or in hot locations, fan comes installed in second vent hole with louver


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EasyPro Weatherproof Cabinet

Important Note Before You Purchase

Our "base model" cabinets, the SC25's, do not have a compressor mounting plate like the deluxe, SC22 cabinets. With the SC25 cabinets the compressors just sit on the floor of the cabinet, on their rubber feet. The SC25 cabinets do have pre-installed ports/holes for the air lines to exit the cabinet.

Because there is no compressor mounting plate with these cabinets, we cannot pre-install the compressors for customers. There is no way to secure the compressors during shipping. That said, this is a very simple install for a home owner accomplish in the field.

Part # Description Price Order
SC25 Cabinet, 15" L x 25" W x 15" H $184.49
SC25F1 Cabinet with 115v Fan Installed $229.49
SC25F2 Cabinet with 230v Fan Installed $238.49


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