Heavy Duty Fish Dipnets - Fish Seines - Heavy Duty Filamentous Algae Seines

Heavy Duty Fish Dipnets
DipNet for Transferring Fish

Heavy Duty DipNet:

  • Top quaility dipnets for counting, grading or transferring fingerling fish
  • The DN10 net has a 7" deep bag
  • The DN20 net has a 12" deep bagBoth nets feature solid hardwood handles and heavy duty galvanized steel frames with a net save steel guard on the front
  • Frame size is 9" x 16" and mesh size is 3/16" on both nets
Fish Net with 7" Bag Depth Fish Net with 12" Bag Depth
  • Part #: DN10
  • Price: $39.99
  • Part #: DN20
  • Price: $43.69

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