Fountain Pump and Supply

Pond Pump Low Water Shut Off Switch for Submersible Pumps

"Tether Style" Low Water Pump Shut Off Switch

tether style shut off switch
  • Prevent costly motor damage to submersible pumps from low water with these "tether style" float switches. Ideal for pumps used in skimmers. Easy to install, plug in connection eliminates electrical wiring.
  • 15' long power cable
  • Maximum amps - 13
Price: $85.99
Instock: Yes

Diaphragm Style Low Water Pump Shut Off Switch

Diaphragm style shut off switch
  • 115 or 230 volt Diaphragm switches are ideal for use in tight spaces where the "tether-style" switches would be too big
  • Maximum amp. load - 10 amps
  • 155v has plug in style connections and 10' power cord, 230v has pigtail wiring and 8' power cord
Price: $89.99
Instock: Yes
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