Microbe-Life Hydroponic Nourish-C California Registered

Microbe-Life Hydroponic Nourish-C
Microbe Life Hydroponic Nourish-C

Hydroponics and Aquaponic Natural Product: Microbe Life Nourish-C

What it is:

A certified advancement in carbon and mineral water enhancement technology. Contains natural humus, bio-available organic carbon, minerals and essential elements.

What it does:

Nourish-C is designed specifically to supplement water mineral, carbon and essential element requirements as required to support and optimize hydroponics and aquaponic processes in soil less media. Nourish-C enhances water values and optimizes plant functions. May be used with all other inputs.

This product can only be sold into the following states: CA, MS and NM. This product is Certified for use in the State of California

Product # Description Price Order
PH21587 Microbe-Life 16 oz. Nourish-L Liquid Certified Organic $13.46
PH21588 Microbe-Life 32 oz. Nourish-L Liquid Certified Organic $18.71


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