Microbe-Life Hydroponic Water Dechlorinator H (Plus)

Microbe-Life Hydroponic Water Dechlorinator
MicrobeLife Hydroponic Dechlorinator

Dechlorinator H is a full-function water conditioner that will neutralize chlorine, destroy Chloramines and detoxify heavy metals (i.e. copper). Adds essential electrolytes and alkalinity boosters (acid neutralizing). Use when an R/O unit is not cost-effective or available.

  • Removes Chlorine (Up to 4 mg/L Total Chlorine)
  • Destroys Chloramines
  • Detoxifies Heavy Metals
Product # Description Price Order
PH21359 Microbe-Life 16 oz. Hydroponic Dechlorinator H Plus $7.46
PH21360 Microbe-Life 32 oz. Hydroponic Dechlorinator H Plus $11.96
PH21361 Microbe-Life 1 Hydroponic Dechlorinator H Plus $41.21


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