Microbe-Lift's Foliar Spray & Root Drench for Trees & Shrubs

Instant Plant Food works 20 Times Faster than Soil Applied Nutrients.

With Endo Mycorrhizal Fungi and Contains Photosynthetic Cultures

What it is:

A high concentration of photosynthetic cultures and endo mycorrhizal fungi, in combination with natural rare earth humates and essential elements, for improved tree and shrub biology.

What it does:

Reduces loss due to stress and inadequate water. Builds soil value and enhances overall tree and shrub functions. Increases fertilizer values while capturing nutrients, driving root mass and improving water retention. Promotes overall tree and shrub health.

Product # Description Treats Price Order
LG21337 Microbe-Lift 32 oz. Foliar Spray & Root Drench for Trees & Shrubs Treats 6,000 Square Feet $19.95

Not for sale in the following states & countries: AR, CA, HI, IL, LA, MN, MS, OK, OR, SC, SD and Canada


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