Microbe-Lift's Thatch Remover for Lawns, Sod & Turf

Produces Greener, Stronger & Healthy Lawns

Microbe-Lift Thatch Remover for Lawns, Sod & Turf

What it is:

A highly active biological consortium designed specifically for the breakdown of cellulase and lignin residual matter, creating a natural biological process to degrade and reduce thatch, releasing all the nutrients that are tied up in the thatch back into the soil.

What it does:

Reduces thatch-related pathogens, improves water penetration and retention, accelerates root growth, enhances fertilizer values, color and vigor. Promotes plant vigor.

Product # Description Treats Price Order
LG21343 Microbe-Lift 32 oz. Thatch Remover Treats 6,000 Square Feet $19.95
LG21344 Microbe-Lift 1 Gallon Thatch Remover Treats 24,000 Square Feet $59.95

Not for sale in the following states & countries: AR, CA, HI, IL, LA, MN, MS, OK, OR, SC, SD and Canada


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