Industrial Plastic Mesh Netting and PVC Fittings for Plastic Netting

Plastic Netting Mesh

Plastic Netting - Will Not Rust or Rot:

    This high quality netting has many aquaculture uses. Cages, trays, drian screens, covers, pens, traps, tank dividers, filters and more can be made with this mesh netting. Because it won't rust or rot, it is the perfect choice for water use. Use with cage fittings below to make floating pens and cages.

1/8" Mesh Netting 1/4" Mesh Netting 1/2" Mesh Netting 3/4" Mesh Netting
  • Part#: PN125
  • 1/8'' mesh x 48'' x 50' Roll
  • Price: $132.29
  • Part#: PN250
  • 1/4" Mesh x 49" x 50' Roll
  • Price: $204.39
  • Part#: PN500
  • 1/2" Mesh x 49" x 50' Roll
  • Price: $259.99
  • Part#: PN750
  • 3/4" Mesh x 49" x 50' Roll
  • Price: $227.99
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