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Pond Shield - seals concrete ponds, pools and fountains

Pond Shield Pond Armor

Pond Shield
pond sealant pond shield

Ideal for sealing concrete ponds, pools and fountains!

This nontoxic two part eproxy sealer is designed specifically for sealing concrete, steel, wood, fiberglass, etc. With Pond Shield you get all the water proofing of a liner without the wrinkles!

  • Easy to Apply - No special equipment needed, just brush or roll on.
  • Flexible - Pond Shield remains flexible from -78° to 140° F
  • Durable - Unlike other sealers, Pond Shield bonds to the substrate raher than just covering it. This leads to longer life with less repairs and maintenance.
  • Beautiful - Provides a smooth, hard finish with no wrinkles or folds. Also makes surface easier to clean in the future.
  • Each kit 1.5 quart covers approximately 60 square feet of surface area
  • Larger sizes are available by special order but fast drying time makes the 1.5 quart size ideal
  • Choose from 6 different colors: Black, Clear, Competiton Blue, Grey, Tan
  • Price: $89.99
  • Select Color
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