Aquatic Weed Rakes - Remove Pond Weeds On or Below the Pond Surface

Aquatic Weed Rakes
32 inch EasyPro Pond Weed Rake

The 32" wide aquatic weed rake features:

    There's no need to worry which side lands up when you throw this rake out into the pond since there are teeth on both sides!

  • Model: EPR
  • 17 - 3" long teeth on each side of the rake
  • Baked on, powder coat finish and 25' of rope
  • Price: $96.85
36 inch EasyPro Pond Weed Rake

Deluxe Lake Aquatic Weed Rake 36" features:

    Use it to skim floating aquatic vegetation and algae from the pond surface or remove float to use on pond bottom.

  • Model: LR36
  • 36" wide aluminum rake comes with a two piece, 11' rustproof, powder coated aluminum handle
  • Detachable polyethylene float and a 20' length of rope.
  • Price: $133.39
Aquatic weed cutter 28 inch

Aquatic Weed Cutter 28" features:

    This 28" wide aquatic weed cutter makes short work of cleaning up weed infested beaches and shoreline.

  • Model: AWE
  • Reversible, double sided, serrated blade quickly cuts through even the thickest weeds.
  • 11' long, two piece handle disassembles for easy storage.
  • Rust proof aluminum construction.
  • Price: $139.19
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