Pond Underlayment - Non Woven GeoTextile Multi-Use Underlay Product Details

Underlayment Product Details and Specifications
  • Material - Non Woven stable Polypropolyene Fiber Filaments bonded by heatset and needle punched

  • Resist - Tears, punctures, soil chemicals

  • Features - Extreme tolerance of Hydrocarbons, Freeze-thaw cycles, mildew, and rot
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Our Geotextile Fabric is consists of non woven Polypropolyne stable fibers which are heat set and needle punched for superior bonding. It is non-biodegradable and resistant to most soil chemicals, acids and alkali with a pH range of 3 to 12. This extremely versatile underlayment fabric is rated at 3 different weights 4,6 and 8 ounces and has a very high tensile strength. The geofabric underlay has great physical and hydraulic properties and is used for many commercial and consumer applications. The available sizes of this polypropylene geotextile fabric are 5, 10, and 15 foot widths and lengths of up to 300 foot rolls for the 6 and 8 ounce weights, comes in lengths of up to 360 foot rolls for the 4 ounce underlayment. Shipping on partial rolls is thru UPS ground while very large sizes and full rolls ship by freight.

For best results and longest durability Geotextile fabrics should always be used in a covered application to prevent UV deterioration. Top coverings may include but no limited to soil, rock, gravel, sand, pavers, mulch, plants, concrete, brick, block, etc.

The National Resources Conservation Service is a government agency that recommends the use of non woven geotextiles for many of the below applications. Additional information and case studies can be found on their web site.

Multiple uses for Underlayment
Pond Installation Landscape Geotextile Drainage Fabric Farm & Cattle Erosion Control Separation Fabric
This 8 oz Non Woven Geotextile pond underlay increases the puncture resistance of 45 Mil EPDM pond liner by 400%. Heavy Duty commercial landscape fabric that keeps weeds out but allows water to pass through. Designed for easy flow of water but with superior soil stabilization Recommended by the NRCS for separation and drainage as an inexpensive and effective soil stabilizer Recommended by the NRCS for shoreline erosion prevention and repair A medium weight underlayment for soil separation and stabilization in paving and gravel applications
Pond Liner Underlayment Garden and Commercial Landscape Fabric Filter Fabric Cattle crossing carpet and Gravel or dirt access roads Shoreline erosion Walkway, driveway, patio under paver
Rock and Boulder Padding Heavy Duty Weed barrier Under Drain Fabric & Trench Drains Feeding Troughs, Feedlots & Watering Ramps Slope and Soil erosion Roadwork and Asphalt overlayment prep
4 ounce Underlayment Specifications
Property N04
Tensile Strength (lbs.) 90
Mullen Burst (psi) 185
Puncture Strength (lbs.) 60
Water Flow Rate (g/m/sf) 150
6 ounce Underlayment Specifications
Property N06
Tensile Strength (lbs.) 160
Mullen Burst (psi) 315
Puncture Strength (lbs.) 90
Water Flow Rate (g/m/sf) 110
8 ounce Underlayment Specifications
Property N08
Tensile Strength (lbs.) 205
Mullen Burst (psi) 400
Puncture Strength (lbs.) 120
Water Flow Rate (g/m/sf) 90
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