Savio FilterWeirs Bigger Waterfalls and Bio-Mechanical Filtration

Savio Livingponds Filter Weirs

Savio FilterWeirs Bigger Waterfalls and Bio-Mechanical Filtration:

Creating appealing waterfalls is easy with FilterWeirs. FilterWeirs provide biomechanical filtration and the tranquil sounds and visual splendor of a cascading waterfall. Simple installation, solid construction, professional results. Use multiple units to build cascades and larger waterfalls. F060 Includes a sturdy media grate for plants and stones.
Savio FilterWeir 16" Savio FilterWeir 31"
Savio Livingponds Filter Weirs
  • Model: F050
  • Instantly create a 16" waterfall
  • 2" rear-facing inlet
  • 900 gph - 3000 gph flow
  • Price: $81.00
Savio Livingponds Versatile Filter
  • Model: F060
  • Massive 31" curtain of falling water
  • 3" inlets on either side and supplemental filtration
  • Up to 10,000 gph flow
  • Price: $148.20


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