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Koi Pond and Water Garden Testing Supplies, Test Kits, Thermometers and More

Pond & Water Garden Thermometer

EasyPro Pond & Water Garden Thermometer
  • Part#: P180
  • Can be used as a floating thermometer (with cap on) or sinking (with cap off)
  • Made from ABS plastic and shatterproof lens, reads in both F° and C°
  • 3' cord included
Price: $39.99
Instock: Yes

Koi Medic Salinity Meter

EasyPro Pond & Water Garden Thermometer
  • Part #: KMS
  • Very accurate, easy to use salinity meter
  • Simply turn on and clip into pond, LCD display will display salt content
  • Auto shutoff, drop shock 6', 150 hr battery life, water resistant, low battery warning, 0.00-1.00% range 0.01 resolution, four 1.5v button cell batteries
Price: $112.69
Instock: Yes

PondCare Master Liquid Test Kit

EasyPro master liquid test kit
  • Part #: MTK
  • Complete kit for testing pond water levels of ammonia, nitrite, phosphate and pH
  • Kit contains instructions, laminated color cards, four test tubes and holding tray
Price: $38.59
Instock: Yes

LaMotte 9-Water Test Kit

  • Part#: L363302
  • LaMotte test kits are accurate, inexpensive and easy to use for both fresh and salt water testing. Each individual kit contains enough reagent to run at least 50 test. LaMotte has grouped the most popular water test into a convenient easy to carry package in nine or six combination kits.
  • Test Kits for: Ammonia, Nitrite, pH, Alkalinity, Chloride, Hardness, Carbon Dioxide, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen
Price: $305.69
Instock: Yes
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